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BikeEd: Bicycle Safety Courses

I am a League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructor (LCI), qualified to offer LAB BikeEd programs in the community.

What is Bike Ed?

BikeEd courses cover a variety of topics relating to effective bicycling. The curriculum is intended to create empowerment for cyclists, and allow them to thrive in traffic environments knowing that they have advanced bicycle driving skills.

BikeEd courses are NOT designed to teach someone the basic mechanics of bicycling (pedaling, balance, etc.).

BikeEd Courses

All courses are described per formal LAB curriculum. Custom versions are possible based on class needs and existing skills. All courses include handouts and student handbooks.

  • Traffic Skills 101 – Street Skills for Adults: Course focuses on bicycle safety and enjoyment. Classroom portion includes a discussion of bicycle selection and fit, clothing and equipment, handling, cycling in traffic, emergency maneuvers, and etiquette. Practical portion puts classroom portion to use, and includes practice of emergency manuevers and safety checks. Bicycle and helmet required.
  • Commuting: For adult cyclists who wish to explore the possibility of commuting to work or school by bike. Road I is a desirable pre-requisite. Topics covered include route selection, bicycle choice, dealing with cargo and clothing, bike parking, lighting, reflection, and foul weather riding.
  • Bringing Up Bicyclists – Riding with Kids!: Designed for parents to help them bring up children to ride safely and include positive physical activity in their daily life. Topics covered include how to perform a bicycle safety check, helmet fitting and bike sizing.
  • Group Riding Curriculum: LAB-developed curriculum for leaders and organizers of large group rides, such as one-day and multi-day charity events. Focuses on group-specific riding skills, and is also suitable for some bicycle clubs and similar organizations.

Upcoming Courses

Upcoming courses taught by LCIs across the country are listed in the Bike Education section at the League of American Bicyclists web site.