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Still Life: Bikes, With Stroad
Summit Avenue Fatality: No Charges, No Change?
Helmets Shouldn’t Be A Question in the Snelling-Summit Bike Fatality
Yeah, Yeah: I Am A Slacker
Blaine Approves High-Density Housing; World Doesn’t End (Yet)
One Soccer Mom For Bike Lanes
Velodrome in Limbo: What’s Next?
NSC Velodrome in Danger — What Metrics Matter?
Alert: Big Rivers Trail Closed Between Lilydale & Mendota
Introducing… The Improved Minnesota Bike Events Calendar!
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Google Celebrates Biking Mom for Mother’s Day
In Memoriam: Jim Oberstar (1934-2014)
Accidents Are Not Caused By “Crowds”
Accept the Consequences of Opposing Density
Bike Lanes in Winter
Sharing The Road with a Trailer-Pulling Human
Ice Cream by Foot in St. Paul & Afield
Map: The Neighborhood You’re From & Life Expectancy
Bicycle Safety, Minneapolis & the Unnamed Elephant in the Room
On Cyclist Fatalities & The Meaning of Statements
National Bike Summit 2013: Comments & More
Women’s Cycling: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things
Danish Finding: Biking or Walking to School Increases Concentration
Speed Limit Reduction Ineffective at Traffic Calming: MNDOT
A Programming Note
Traffic Congestion & Gas Expense for Families Up in 2012: What to Do?
2013 Minnesota Ironman Moves to Washington County
Rally for the Old Cedar Bridge on Saturday 9/22/2012
San Francisco Bike Coalition Publishes Guide to Family Biking
Infrastructure As “Human Rights?”
Stuff People Say When You Pull A Bike Trailer
Training Wheels
Minnesota Cycling: Deaths Down, Injuries Up
St. Paul to Discuss New Bike Boulevard May 8
Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Project Summary Report Released
Physics, the Law & Tragedy
Cyclist Recipe: Super-Awesome Vegetable Soup
Cycling’s Demand Generation Problem
Minneapolis Family Bike Rodeo Alert!
St. Paul Approves Jefferson Avenue Bikeway (Finally)
Update on Safe Routes to Schools in Blaine: No Go
Taco Tuesday! Or, Crockpot Carnitas for Cyclists
Traffic Calming = Life Calming
Women & Children on Bikes: Perspective
Bicycle Day in Congress: March 22, 2012
Women on Bikes: Seriously?
New at Streets.MN: Building Better Advocacy Events
Minnesota Bike Summit: Late Coverage
For Sale: Giant OCR1 0
Kids & Balance Bikes
Public Meetings for MnDOT Bicycle Statewide Planning Study Scheduled
Meta: New Bike!
New at streets.mn: Safe Routes to Schools Messaging
Not In My Front Yard: Safe Routes Stalls in Blaine Council
Minnesota Bike Summit Scheduled for March 5
Gridlock: Why Panic is Overrated When Talking Transpo
Tuesday Transpo Bill Update!
Advocates, Advocate. Harder.
Summation of Proposed Transport Bill Sort of Available
A New Transportation Bill? Panic, Round 8,377,201
A Bike Route on Snelling Avenue?
Copenhagenize on Winter Cycling: Right, Yet Not Entirely
Minneapolis Community Education Wins Safe Routes to Schools Mini-Grant
Invisible Cyclists Are Invisible
Update: Senate Commerce Committee Approves Complete Streets Language
Senate Committee to Consider ‘Complete Streets’ Language Wednesday
MinnesotaGO Releases Draft Vision; Schedules Hearing
St. Paul Named a Bicycle Friendly Community
Comments, Clarifications & Curmudgeonliness
Annual Bike Count Seeks Volunteers
Bicycling in Minneapolis: A Slightly Contrarian View
Fridley: Maybe We’ll Actually Use that Grant Money, Eh?
Advocacy, the Gas Tax & Depression
Lithuanian Mayor Takes on Illegal Parking
On the Sidepath to Nowhere
Uplifting Advice: Check Your Seat Height
Minneapolis: Where Women Ride More
New Transportation Bill Proposed
Continuous Parking Shenanigans in Blaine
Your Butt & The Multi-Day Bike Tour: A User’s Guide
Getting Cross About Crosswalks
The RiverLake Greenway: Overview
Nature Valley Grand Prix Starts June 15
RiverLake Greenway Grand Opening Gala
Four Days Of Track Racing Ahead!
Good Question on WCCO – What Are Minnesota’s Bike Laws?
Bike to Work Day Safety Tips
WCCO To Cover Bicycle Safety
Openings & Closings
Bike Events & “Obeying the Law”
NiceRideMN Organizing NoMi Tornado Cleanup
Minnesota Ranks #4 in Bicycle-Friendly State Rankings
Recap: Thursday Night Lights (May 19, 2011)
Nice Ride MN Announces New Station Locations
Minnesota GO Adds Two Workshop Sessions
U of M Transitway Construction
Transit & Minnesota’s Continued Budget Kerfuffle
Midtown Greenway Detours
Duck & Cover: Hail to the Biker
Minnesota GO – Your Chance To Influence Transportation Vision
2011 Bicycle-Friendly America Updates
Bicycle Alliance of Minnesota Launches New Site
Active Living Expo & BikeMN Annual Meeting
U of M Bike Lanes: Bad Design, Bad Results
Bike/Ped Accidents in Minneapolis: Let’s Be Careful Out There
Don’t Be A Jerk At Bike Events – Yeah, You
League of American Bicyclists Issues Action Alert on DOT Policies
SF 201 Hearing Cancelled
Bike Fit & Comfort
Additional Hearing on Minnesota Careless Driving Bills
Road Construction Mayhem Ahoy (Better Bike More)
Study: Analysis of Biking Trends & Policies in Large American Cities
Draft Federal Budget Slashes Transportation, Slams ‘Bike Trails’
FREE Confident Cycling Class on 4/2
Minnesota Bridges: Above Average (But Still In Disrepair)
St. Paul Flooding Puts Landing Underwater
Minnesota Budget Shenanigans: Transit Funding
FHWA Approves Contraflow Bike Lanes; Physics Remains Horrified
Nine Mile Creek Trail: Progress & Stasis
Proposed Minnesota Bike Laws: Status Check
Educating Law Enforcement
Upcoming: Bicycle Safety Event at REI Bloomington (MN)
Biking & Walking in Minnesota Fact Sheet
Spring Bicycle Commuting Tips
Bike Events This Week (March 13-19, 2011)
Stuff I Dug This Week
True Tales of Planning Breakdowns: Blaine Lakeside Park
Trails vs. Transport: Misaligned Goals?
Data: Cycling in Minneapolis/St. Paul Up 33% 2007-2010
Ray LaHood at the National Bike Summit 2011
New Urban Bikeway Design Guide Unveiled
Bike League Names 2 New Minnesota Bicycle Friendly Businesses
Peeve: Misapplication of Data
Women & Bicycles
Bike Events This Week (March 7-12, 2011)
Stuff I Dug This Week
Riding With Kids: Teaching Children to Ride
Cycling & Health Care Costs
Non-Motorized Transportation Pilot Program: What’s Next for Minneapolis?
Subsidizing Driving
Bicycle Summit 2011: Be A Voice for Cycling Every Day
Traffic Crashes & Cyclist Fatalities: 2009 Data
Bicycle Facilities, Best Practices & Reluctant Cyclists
Safe Kids Anoka County Plans 2011 Bike Helmet Events
SF201 Hearing Today!
Minnesota Bicycle Summit: Recap
Lunch & Afternoon Sessions: Minnesota Bicycle Summit 2011
Legislative Agenda: Minnesota Bicycle Summit 2011
Morning Session: Minnesota Bicycle Summit 2011
MPR Coverage: Winter Cycling & Minnesota Bicycle Summit
Bike Lanes & The Door Zone
Transportation & Inequality
Bicycle Events: February 28-March 6
Cheap Gas Encourages Dependence
Last Call: Minnesota Bicycle Summit
Funding Transportation: TIGER Program Cuts
Alabama: Op-Ed on Cyclist Safety
Biking With Babies
House Transportation Committee Road Show
Open Streets Events in Minneapolis
NHTSA Study: Hybrid Cars More Hazardous to Cyclists & Pedestrians
Summary of 2009 Bicycle Fatalities
Pre-Ride Safety Checks for High-End Bicycles
Transportation Cuts This Week?
Slowing Down: Embracing Lower Speed Limits For More Complete Streets
Myths & Facts: Transport Funding
Study: Cycle Tracks Safer Than Riding in Street
New House Transportation Committee Member: Biking Shouldn’t Be a Part of Committee Work
Precedent? Washington State Seeks To Tax Electric Vehicles
Crash (Statistics) Bang Boom
Study: Portland Bikeway Investments Projected to Save City 0 Million by 2040
McCain Takes Aim At Airport Bicycle Parking
Support Proposed Minnesota Bicycle Laws
Minnesota Bicycle Events: Week of February 7
Minnesota Randonneurs Conference: February 19
Midtown Greenway Reroutes Ahoy
Swedish Bicycle Education
Bicycle Education & Confident Cyclists
Safety, Fear & Bike Education
Epic Story on Bike Plows
Engineering Less Hazardous Trail Crossings
Thoughts on Bikeway Planning
Education & Children’s Cycling Behavior
Jefferson Avenue: Debate Continues
Advocating Against Program Cuts for Cycling
Richfield Seeks Cyclist Input
Bike Path Hijinks Begin in New Congress
The Fallacy of ‘Riding to the Right’
NSC Offering Indoor Grass/Criterium Race Series
Winter Cycling & Slow News Days
Survey: Kids Better At Using Computers Than Riding Bikes
The Cost of Urban Parking
Ski-U-Mah: U of M Plans Bike Center
Gran Fondo Announced for Minnesota!
Minnesota Bicycle Summit – February 28
Employment Impact of Bike/Ped Infrastructure Investment
Nature Valley Bicycle Festival 2011 Schedule Announced
Plymouth Avenue Bridge Reopens for Cyclists
In-Car Search: Ouch
MNDOT Requests Input for New State Bicycle Map
Let It Snow: First MSP Snow of the Season
Common Sense & Complete Streets
Minnesota Election Results & Cycling
One Less River Crossing in Minneapolis
Bike Lanes As Cyclist Hazards
Ongoing Saga on Jefferson Avenue
St. Paul Flashback: 1998 Bicycle Routes Map
St. Paul Finally Fixes Mississippi River Trail
Minneapolis Flashback: 1998 Chain Gang Map
CO Candidate: Bike Programs Part of UN One-World Conspiracy
Update on Minneapolis 2-Way Street Initiative
Saint Paul Bicycle Coalition Forming
Recent Headlines
Cedar Lake Trail in Final Phase
Thursday Night Lights: Why Are you Not There?
Sharing the Road: Bicycles & Autos & Turn Signals, Oh My.
On the Death of the Carpool to School
Cycling Classes for Women
Sad Times in Afton
Complete Streets to Become Minnesota Law
Unchanging Red Light Rule Now Law in Minnesota
Fearmongering in Duluth
Group Riding Skills Seminar – May 8, 2010
Bicyclists vs. People Who Ride Bikes
Natty Gets a Tricycle
Minneapolis Bridge Closures – 2010
Dividends of the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program
Online Responses to Google Maps for Biking
Ray LaHood Announces New Transportation Policy
National Bike Summit Opening Session
Google Launches Maps For Biking
New Bikes Belong Campaign: People For Bikes
Bicycles & Red Lights
Recent News & Headlines
New Rest Stop Opens on St. Paul Grand Round
More Winter Advocacy Opportunities
Distracted Driving in the Spotlight
Upcoming Swap Meets
Upcoming Events in Minnesota
Simpatico: How US Soccer Fans & Cycle Fans Are Alike
Winter Advocacy: Highway 96 Resurfacing in White Bear Lake
Fear the Road Rash
Golf Is Not The Only Way to Network
Anoka County in Running for Trail Grants
Boosting Urban Bicycling
Update on Bloomington Path Fatality
Bike Path Fatality in Bloomington
Keys To Family-Friendly Routes
July 4 by Bike
Map for 6/25/2009
Bicycle Safety in the Sun
Lilydale Park Upgrades Planned
MSP Makes Top 5 List for Road Rage
Living the Dream
Video: Changing Lanes as a Group
Cyclist Killed in Downtown Minneapolis
New bike
Lazy Media, More Haters, Etc.
May 11-15 is National Bike to Work Week
Intro to Track Racing Courses at the NSC
Links Worth Sharing
Spring Bicycle Maintenance Checklist
Minnesota Rules: Lights & Bikes
Upcoming Traffic Skills Courses in Minnesota
The Beauty of Spring
Tragedy on Summit Update
Hot Clif Shot
March Madness
Oh, Edina
Urgent Alert: Stimulus Bill Amendment
Weekend on Wheels 2009
Bike Commuter Benefits ‘Begin’ January 1
Pediatrics Study: Bike Helmets for Children
Budget Cuts Impacting Snow Clearance?
I94 to Close for Removal of Bike/Ped Bridge in St. Paul
Useful Product Find
I94 Ped/Bike Crossing Closes
Resisting the ‘Wave Through’
Bicycle Commuter Act Passes US House
Ghost Bike Ride – October 4, 2008
Further Coverage: Tragedy on Summit
More on Local Bicycle Fatalities
Bicycle Accidents Up
Tragedy on Summit
More on the MN43 Construction
I35W Bridge Updates on MapQuest
Trash Talk
News & Nonsense
Update: Washington Avenue Bridge
U of M Pedestrian Bridge Use Restrictions
Status: MN43 Bridge in Winona
Wrong-Way Riding
I35W Bridge Update
LCI Seminar Announced for Minneapolis
Mythbusting by the Minneapolis Police
Fake Speed Bumps For Traffic Calming
Winona Bridge is falling down, falling down…
Beware Cars With Bumper Stickers – Study
Yep, No Bicycles on MN43 Bridge
MSNBC: North America's Most Bike Friendly Cities
Fail: Things NOT to Do on Bikes
Bicycling on the Rise: Need to Knows
Public Meetings: Minneapolis Bicycle Plan
Responsibilities of Motorists
More MN43 Bridge Follies
MN43 Bridge in Winona Re-Opening
Special Rights at Red Lights?
Old Cedar Bridge Replacement Funded!
Chicago Tribune Gets it Right
Bicycles & Women’s Rights
Bike 2 Benefits
East River Road Bike Path Improvements
Free Bicycles for Republicans!
Count the Bad Ideas!
Minneapolis Council Member Responds: Cyclists Breaking Laws
Let’s Talk About Tax Base
Road Rage
Haters on Parade
Buying a Bike
Bridge Inspection Mania!
Minneapolis to Spend 0k on Bicycling
News Updates
Media Bias in Cycling Accidents
Green Messenger Bags
TCBC Weekend on Wheels 2008 Registration Now Available
Street Design for Cyclists & Pedestrians
Bloomington Bike Trail Development
It’s Never Too Early: WOW2008
Another Proposed Federal Cycling Resolution
Green Cycling Quiz from the Sierra Club
Chicago Cyclist Ordinance Update
Tom Harkin Introduces Complete Streets Legislation
Cyclist Protection, Chicago-Style
The Politics of Bicycling: Campaign 2008
Enforcement of a Three-Foot Rule in Utah
Bike Lane Hazards
Minnesota Bike Atlas, 7th Edition – Available Soon!
Minnehaha Parkway Closure
Mandatory Bicycle Registration?
Bicycle Facilities Issues
South Metro Update: MN149 Roadwork
More Focus on the Wrong Things in Edina
Um, What?
Commuter Salute
Cool Illinois Event: Roll The Tollway
New I35W Bridge Design
Sunday 10/7 Ride: Candy Apple Gray
Critical Mass in Minneapolis Tonight
Signs Alone Do Not Make A Bike Route
Toys, Letters & the “Bullying Response”
Plans for the Lafayette Bridge
Bike Lane Design
Educational Issues & the Bike League
Correction to Previous: Front-Rear Reflectivity
Cretin Hop: 9/23
Minnesota Bicycle Statutes (169.222) – Interpreted!
Cue Sheet Template
Cretin Hop: 9/16
More Traffic Shenanigans
Plan Now For Winter Cycling
Door County Century Weekend Photos
10th Avenue Bridge: Re-opening Finally?
Fort Snelling Bike Trails Closed
Raise Your Seat!
Happy Exceptions
Dinkytown Bridge Re-Opened
Transportation Policy: Pretty Messed Up
Madam Secretary Says: Cycling Isn't Transportation
Rural Riding
Still More WOW Attendee Info!
Weekend on Wheels 2007 Info
Stone Arch Bridge Reopens
Bridge Reconstruction Wish List
Minnesota: Do Cyclists Need to Carry ID?
Bicycle Bridge Closures
More Worrying About the Wrong Things
Google Maps Hack for Bicyclists
WaPo Profiles MN’s Own Oberstar
Rally for Old Cedar Bridge Funding: July 14
Tour de France Coverage: Day 2
Segregated Facilities
Sunday, July 8 Map
Cyclist Killed in Kentucky – Laws Questioned
Bicycle Tour Restrictions Proposed on Maui
Another Day to Love Those Wacky Dutch
Minneapolis Cycle-Commuting
Mississippi River Bridge for Greenway Dropped
On Being Called a ‘Hippy’
New Jersey Bans Quick Releases
Bicycle Debate in Rochester
Googly is BACK.
5/28 Map Posted
Snowman Protected in Highway 36 Rebuild
Cedar Lake Trail: Closures
Bop Til You Drop: 5/28
Bike Ferry
golf cart?
Bicycles of Holland
5/18: Twin Cities Bike/Walk to Work
Spring Reminder: Check That Bike!
‘Critical Manners’ Responds to ‘Critical Mass’
Two Great Classes in Minneapolis
Pave the Luce Line?
Gateway Trail Detour Posted
MN Highway 36 Construction to Impact Gateway Trail?
City of Minneapolis Online Cycling Survey
Fortune Cookies That Confuse
Meta: Not the Droids You’re Looking For
Bike to Work Week 2007
Traffic Calming Strategies
WOW 2007
Twins Stadium Holdup to Delay CLT Completion?
Obvious Observations from Academia
Understatement of the Month!
Cyclist-Motorist Buffers