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‘Critical Manners’ Responds to ‘Critical Mass’

A group in San Francisco have decided to demonstrate road-sharing in response to mild disgust at the behavior of local Critical Mass riders.

I’ve always felt Critical Mass sent the wrong message. While I see a point of militancy in social movements, at the same time I’ve always had concern what an encounter with a bunch of Critical ‘Massholes’ does for a motorist’s perception of a lone rider, later — even if that lone rider is riding in a legal manner. Critical Mass is almost the definitional opposite of ‘traffic calming’ — it’s angry people making other people angry.

I like the Critical Manners concept. It will be interesting to see if this particular cycling meme spreads.

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Author: julie

Julie Kosbab is an online marketing consultant and active transportation advocate living in Anoka County, Minnesota. She was one of Minnesota's only League of American Bicyclists Certified Instructors when certified in 2005. She is a past member of the National Bicycle Tour Directors Association. She has 2 children and 4 bicycles. Find her on Twitter as @betweenstations.

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