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September 18, 2012
by julie
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San Francisco Bike Coalition Publishes Guide to Family Biking

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has published a Family Biking Guide, and it’s pretty great. And it takes a bit for me to commit to that. It really addresses cycling throughout the lifecycle of becoming a family, starting with pregnancy, … Continue reading

March 16, 2011
by julie
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Educating Law Enforcement

When we discuss the 5 Es, it’s easy to get hung up on engineering (the process of building bicycle-friendly streets and facilities for cyclists). However, the cooperation of law enforcement can be a big deal for bicyclists. An engaged and … Continue reading

February 10, 2011
by julie
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New House Transportation Committee Member: Biking Shouldn’t Be a Part of Committee Work

I love DC Streetsblog, because they’re in the capitol and thus have all kinds of opportunity to access members of Congress, congressional hearings, you name it — and they provide awesome, targeted coverage. Today, they published an interview with US … Continue reading

April 10, 2008
by julie
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Media Bias in Cycling Accidents

Bob Mionske, author of the excellent and invaluable Bicycling & the Law, has highlighted the issue of media bias in bicycle-vehicle accidents in his newest VeloNews column. I would be the first to agree with his assertion that cyclists who … Continue reading

April 16, 2007
by julie
Comments Off on ‘Critical Manners’ Responds to ‘Critical Mass’

‘Critical Manners’ Responds to ‘Critical Mass’

A group in San Francisco have decided to demonstrate road-sharing in response to mild disgust at the behavior of local Critical Mass riders. I’ve always felt Critical Mass sent the wrong message. While I see a point of militancy in … Continue reading