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February 11, 2011
by julie
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Study: Cycle Tracks Safer Than Riding in Street

A new study published in the journal Injury Prevention reports that cyclists in Montreal using dedicated cycle tracks have lower incidence of injury than cyclists using the street. Cycle tracks are fairly common in Montreal and throughout Europe, particularly in … Continue reading

February 9, 2011
by julie
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McCain Takes Aim At Airport Bicycle Parking

Legislation often has weird clauses, but this one is super-weird. The most excellent StreetsBlog reports that Senator John McCain (R-AZ) inserted a stipulation in the federal aviation reauthorization (SB 223) that could bar airports from using passenger facility charges for … Continue reading

May 19, 2007
by julie
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golf cart?

golf cart?, originally uploaded by Days Between Stations. In the Netherlands, these small cars (or golf carts, really, based on size) are allowed to share many bike lanes and paths with bicycles. Mopeds, scooters, and small motorcycles also share these … Continue reading