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March 21, 2012
by julie

Women on Bikes: Seriously?

As part of this year’s National Bike Summit, there was an afternoon Women’s Cycling Forum. The promotional description was quasi-promising: Women still cycle at much lower rates than men in the United States — making up just 24 percent of … Continue reading

March 13, 2011
by julie
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Bike Events This Week (March 13-19, 2011)

This week’s pretty quiet on the Minnesota Bicycle Event Calendar. The big event to be aware of is the Lifestyle Bicycle Event at the Mall of America Friday-Sunday. It’s put on by HaveFunBiking.com with participation from the Bicycle Alliance of … Continue reading

March 9, 2011
by julie

Peeve: Misapplication of Data

With the Minnesota Bicycle Summit last week and the National Bike Summit this week, I have been noting a pernicious habit among cycling advocates and friends that I wish I could punch out of everyone: Quoting studies selectively or in … Continue reading